Pranayama Classes

Pranayama is started once a firm foundation in asana has been established, as physically the student requires the alignment, flexibility, lung capacity and training necessary to sit or lie down and breathe correctly. Pranayama gives numerous physical benefits, including toning the circulatory, digestive, nervous and respiratory systems, activating the internal organs and creating a feeling of energy and calmness.

1 pranayama class is offered weekly and is rotated across all classes over each 6 week period.

*Pranayama must be practiced in conjunction with regular yoga classes*

WHY IS PRANAYAMA IMPORTANT? Mr Iyengar says, “Many people go to meditation classes, but few achieve this state of consciousness. This is due to the fact that the mind has too many portals. Whichever hole you block, water continues to pour out of the rest. The mind is too subtle, cunning and restless to be controlled and made still. Therefore, Pranayama is essential as the breath is used to still the mind. When the breath becomes smooth and steady, so does the mind. Then one can learn to withdraw the senses from external stimuli (Pratyahara) and cultivate the state of mind where the true experience of meditation can come.”

Pranayama Classes

Breath is the king of mind.

B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Yoga