Group Adult Classes

I offer both morning and evening group adult Iyengar yoga classes.

Attending Iyengar yoga classes means that you can work at your own pace and at your own level. This is due to the fact that we make use of props which will ensure that you avoid injury and still reap all of the benefits of the yoga poses.

My group adult yoga classes are as follows:

Monday: 5 pm

Tuesday:5:30 pm

Wednesday: – 8 am; & 5 pm (Advanced class, by invite only)

Thursday: – 5:30 pm

Sunday: – 8 am

 Pricing works as follows:

  • 4 lesson card (ideal for 1 class p/week): R260 
  • Unlimited attendance card: R400
  • Drop-in charge: R80

*NB: All cards are valid for 4 weeks from date of purchase


Additional Info:

  • WHERE IS THE STUDIO? My yoga studio is at my home which is located in Edenglen @ 37 Edendale Road East. I am in the boomed off area with the two schools, Edenglen High and Edenglen Primary.
  • WHEN DO I PAY? You pay at your first lesson and I will issue you with a card. Please note, cash only. No EFTs or card payments are accepted.
  • DO I NEED TO BOOK? No booking is required.
  • HOW MANY STUDENTS PER CLASS? The number of students per class varies, but there will never be more than 16 people in your class.
  • HOW LONG IS EACH CLASS? Classes are approximately 1 hour and 15 mins. The duration of a pranayama class is 1 hour.
  • WHAT DO I WEAR? The best attire for all students is a form fitting T shirt and footless exercise tights or the above knee track suit type pants, yoga bloomers or cycling shorts. Ideally, I need to be able to see what your legs are doing (knees, ankles and thighs), so baggy, bell bottom type pants are not recommended. However, if at first you are not comfortable in the aforementioned attire, you may settle in with whatever you deem appropriate. Body acceptance will come with time. Feet should be bare.
  • WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Just bring yourself. I do have yoga mats available if you do not have one. If you fall in love with the Iyengar yoga discipline, I can purchase a good quality mat for you from the institute.
  • CAN I EAT BEFORE A YOGA CLASS? Never attempt to do yoga on a full stomach. You should wait a minimum of 2 hours after a meal. For those who suffer from low blood sugar, a bit of fruit (bananas are ideal) or juice may be consumed beforehand if required.


Adult man doing a Yoga Pose

Yoga is a light which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame.

BKS Iyengar