About Yoga For Beginners

Why Iyengar yoga is the ideal type of yoga for beginners:

  • Focus is initially on developing strength, flexibility, endurance and correct body alignment.
  • Poses are modified to meet the needs of individual students with the use of simple props.
  • Concentration and stillness necessary for meditation are reached through the postures and the breathing of yoga.

About the teacher

My name is Annamarie Wallis and I am a qualified yoga teacher. I began practicing yoga in 2001 and received my teaching certificate in 2008. I am currently in the process of obtaining a higher qualification within the institute.

Ever since having qualified, I have dedicated my life to introducing people of all ages to the power of yoga and to the immense influence that it can have on their lives. The reason why teaching Iyengar yoga is my passion is because anyone can do it – regardless of their age/strength/flexibility/fitness levels. There is no competition when it comes to the practice of yoga – simply one’s own journey on one’s own path to discovering what the mind and body is capable of.

About the teaching certification

The Iyengar Certification is a sign of excellence, clarity and depth of understanding.

The Certification Mark – as seen below – is used only by certificated Iyengar Yoga teachers worldwide.

certificationThe use of this mark allows the community at large to recognise teachers of Iyenger Yoga who:

  • have completed intensive teacher training
  • have undergone a rigorous assessment process
  • must undertake continuing education to renew or upgrade their certificate.

These stringent requirements ensure an internationally recognised standard of excellence in teaching.

Annamarie Trainer

Adult man doing a Yoga Pose